Cloud & Hosting Services

Cloud and Hosting Services that provide scalability, security, power and connectivity. Powered by InHellix Ecosystem Partners.

Our ecosystem delivers scalable, versatile hosting services that help developing and running your website faster, easier and more cost-effective.

The thriving cloud platforms that live in our data centers are ready to boost the performance of your IT.

Cloud by InHellix Ecosystem

Against what the term might suggest, high-performing cloud requires earthbound infrastructure; and our world-class facilities offer the best possible foundation for that. InHellix, LAMDA HELLIX’ booming ecosystem of strategic telecommunications, hosting and cloud providers, allows enterprises to synthesize the cloud offering that best match their aims across multiple service providers.

Whether you are a big organisation, a small sized company or a start-up, InHellix Ecosystem will enable you to reduce OPEX and increase IT efficiency, providing the right cloud solution for your business.

Hosting by InHellix Ecosystem

The InHellix Ecosystem includes:

  • Major hosting service providers that provide to companies and organisations flexibility.
  • Highly scalable and cost efficient ways to deliver their websites and web applications.

InHellix’s hosting services offer competitive rates, pay-as-you-grow pricing models and the scalability that helps you to easily size your resources to the demands of your users.

We and our InHellix Partners deliver the flexibility you need to run virtually any software you want and get your website to market faster. Our rich and diverse hosting services portfolio can make your hosting scalable, your website highly-available and your web applications easier and more cost-effective to run.

InHellix Ecosystem provides tools to scale your architecture so that you will maximize the utilisation of resources while reducing complexity with templates and tools that take off your shoulders much of the burden of developing or running a website.

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