The collocation market continues to grow rapidly on a global scale. It is the perfect solution for all types of organizations looking for the most efficient way to manage their IT infrastructure. After all, we live in a time when data is becoming particularly big, very sensitive, and above all, extremely valuable.  

The value of the global collocation market is expected to exceed $50 billion by the end of 2020, signaling annual growth at approximately 12,26%. As part of this amazing ecosystem, we have identified the most important trends around this impressive growth. Here is our take on this: 

Data reserves are becoming massive 

Organizations nowadays gather more data than ever before. Existing massive databases grow even largernew content assets are created on a daily basis, marketing campaigns are building stockpiles of customer data, and the use of apps and services are recording countless bulks of all types of transactions. In a world where everything becomes data, it is fairly impossible for organizations to handle things without employing a collocation service.  

Issues with in-house data centers 

We all know that building an in-house data center can be a massive project. Issues such as scalability, security, and resilience can be very difficult to tackle in-house. As it turns out, efforts on this side can significantly hurt a company in terms of financial resources, time, and labor.  Hence, this is why advanced IT leaders have identified collocation as the answer to these issues.  

Competition between collocation providers 

As mentioned, the value of the collocation market is increasing fast. Data centers and collocation providers compete with each other, in an effort to meet customers’ continuously evolving needs. Innovative ideas, high-tech solutions, advanced scalability, and greater security have become a norm, as customers are having more and more expectations.  

Search for new data management models 

As data grow to become BIG, companies find themselves under a lot of pressure to leverage their data assets, innovate, and offer better services to customers. Collocation strategies applicable today are not expected to remain good enough in the near future. To that, both customers and collocation providers are constantly looking for ways to reinvent their market presence. Winners will be only the ones able to adapt quickly and efficiently.    

More regions now have collocation providers 

The need for proximity and low latency has led to the increase of the number of data centers and collocation providers not only in the US and in Europe, but also everywhere in the world.  However, there still seems to be great room for expansion.  

New industries appreciate collocation 

The world of collocation is now seeing new industries making use of its services. Literary everyone can now benefit from collocation and major industries are already heavily investing on this. Long gone are the days when data management solutions were useful only to major organizations, such as the financial institutions.  

Energy, health care, IT, power, public services, transportation, education, are bold examples of industries that have identified data centers and collocation services as a major asset for their future development.  

On this side, we are happy and proud that Lamda Hellix as a collocation provider is extremely well equipped to provide global organizations from any industry with an utterly resilient and secure collocation environment.  

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