Data center migration can be an overwhelming project, but by implementing best practices, IT teams can minimize downtime, avoid hurdles and ensure a smooth migration.  
Here is a list of useful tips to have in mind, prior to starting a migration project. 
Make sure your team has the knowledge 
Determine whether your team has the adequate internal resources to execute a successful migration.  
Always remember: Mistakes in migration can lead to a total catastrophe. So, having the right people on-board is more than just important.  
If self-migration is not preferred, you will need to outsource this project. 
Define the scope of migration 
It is all a matter of perspective. You need to come up with an efficient migration plan which will clearly identify what needs to be transferred in terms of services, equipment, applications etc.  
Defining the scope of migration will help your organization meet with present and future business objectives.  
Test network and determine downtime period 
Thoroughly test network, hardware, and software at your new location, prior to migrating.  
This will help you identify one more critical issue: Accurate assessment of downtime, so that your services and applications remain accessible and connected to your business objectives.  
Take time to define: Is downtime necessary during transition? What is the estimated minimum and the estimated maximum downtime you expect in this case? What actions and communication should you take towards your customers, vendors, partners, PRIOR to migration with regards to the downtime period?  
“Check in” with the right partner 
Whether you are migrating to a new data center or you are moving to the cloud, it is best to proceed with the right partner. Choose a partner that will take the time to come up with the right plan based on successful migration strategies for infrastructure, network connectivity, applications, data, security and compliance requirements.  
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