There is a spectrum of important processes and steps to consider when selecting a data center consulting company.  

Who can do what for youCan they help you with certifications? Do they know how to test and verify your infrastructureΗοw qualified is each consulting firm to work with you?  

Το guide you through all the above, we will briefly explain the most critical steps Lamda Hellix takes, as part of the data center consulting services we offer.  

So, here is how we do it


Our approach starts with an extensive auditing process in order to identify which areas of our customer’s data center should be addressed. Focusing on cost, operational and risk perspective, our aim is to match technologies and infrastructure with business objectives. To that, our audit analysis consists of the following:  

- Energy efficiency profile. 

- Power and Cooling assessment. 

- Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis. 

- Physical Security Assessment. 

- Critical Infrastructure Assessment. 


Conceptual & Technical Design 

Our Consulting Engineers work closely with customers to prepare a complete Design Workbook, as a guide for the complete development of the data center.  

This document includes all necessary stages prior to the development and depicts every parameter involved.  This is part of best practices enabling our customers to:  

- Budget their project in detail. 

- Avoid unpleasant surprises which may appear during the development process.  

- Give their IT personnel a solid picture of what to expect from the project.  

- Adjust infrastructure to perfectly match the organizations’ business objectives. 

- Control and even reduce development costs by avoiding mistakes.  

- It is “must have” documentation for all data center projects.  


The road to Tier & LEED Certification 

Obtaining a Tier certification can be a difficult processA good consultant should have significant expertise on the field in order to empower the customer all throughout the process.  

To that, we collaborate with Uptime Institute and its Professional Services, performing the following actions:  

- Verification of infrastructure’s topology based on the requirements of the desired Tier certification.  

- Preparation of a report for potential design errors and suggestive actions necessary according to the desired Tier certification guidelines.  

- Confirmation of the corrective actions taken and modifications introduced in order to fulfil the Tier certification requirements.  

Αs far as LEED certification is concerned, we translate our experience into strength for our customers looking to deploy environmental friendly and high performing facilities.  

Our Athens-2 data center is one of the first facilities in the world which received the LEED v4 Gold certification for its green design and development. At the same time, our data center Athens-1 is the first in the world that is certified with the LEED v4 Gold for its green operation.  

So yes, we have been there and we have done that 


Testing & Commissioning 

This is the tipping point where every component and process in a new data center has to be well-tested and carefully configured for ultimate efficiency and reliability during live operation. 

Data center consultants should be experienced enough to identify issues and assist customers into avoiding pitfalls which may prove to be significantly costly.  

At Lamda Hellix we are proud for the consulting services we offer and the above is just a brief description of our actionsWe understand the value of our customers’ data center as a strategic business asset and we are committed to offering amazing services.  

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