Lamda Hellix will join Posidonia 2018 (June 4-8, in Athens), together with our partners at SetelHellas and IFSAS, aiming to empower maritime organizations sailing towards the merits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The era of the 4th Industrial Revolution is here and the shipping industry is already undergoing some major changes. Rapid innovation is expected to disrupt logistics and transportation, making global supply chains more efficient, both in terms of productivity and also in terms of costs. As shipping remains one of the driving forces behind the global economy, it is breakthrough technologies such as advanced automation, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, green solutions, and new communication protocols now accelerating speed, processes, and operations. 

Of course, all these disruptive technologies require unprecedented computing power and infrastructure to leverage durable, resilient, and scalable solutions. 

At the same time, these major shifts in digitization (from simple digitization to complex applications) are increasing the needs for advanced security both in digital and physical terms.  

Join us at Posidonia 2018 – We are partnering with the best! 

While reflecting on this new landscape, Lamda Hellix just recently launched a strategic alliance with SetelHellas, aiming to provide the shipping industry with state-of-the-art ICT solutions in the security and surveillance segment. The company currently serves directly and through select partners more than 200 shipping companies worldwide. 

Apart from SetelHellas, we will join Posidonia 2018 together with IFSAS also, a leading Life Safety and Security Systems Integrator providing “turn-key” Fire & Security Solutions.  

Our expectations with this interesting partnership with SetelHellas and IFSAS during Posidonia 2018 is to touch base with the global leaders of the shipping industry and design solutions on new verticals which will help them maintain profitable and sustainable future growth. 

Last but not least, this triple-sided partnership sends out one more coherent message: Greece is a passage to Europe according to China's 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. To that, the country not only has the capacity - in terms of resources  and a strong geopolitical position, it also holds the technology and infrastructure to play a crucial role in the digital developments of the new Silk Road.   

Shipping 2.0 – An ocean of data 

At Lamda Hellix we understand that the "digital ship" is gradually becoming a reality and our goal, as one the most advanced data centers in Europe, is to empower maritime organizations make the most of the opportunities introduced by the 4th Industrial Revolution.  

To embrace innovation, the most traditional industries - such as shipping - require resilient and knowledgeable partners.  

Lamda Hellix is one of these partners. Come join us at Posidonia 2018! You will find us at Hall 1, Stand 120.