We are a Member of QualityNet Foundation (QNF) a Network of Responsible Companies operating in accordance with the principles of sustainability. Having fully accepted the network’s Framework of Responsible Entrepreneurship by promoting environmentally friendly policies, enshrining human rights and freedoms and ensuring an environment of equal opportunities and growth for employees.

We are proud of being complete transparent in our transactions and reassure the benefit of our customers. We carry out inspections and certifications for services and products, providing the highest level of services and evidently care about the society in which we operate and develop.



The magnitude of world’s humanitarian crisis is massive and no one can stand impassively towards human suffering. Apart from charity, we strive to offer our long-term support to NGO’s and underpin their contribution to fellow citizens that face challenges. Recently, we have supported the following non-profit organisations:

Floga (means flame in Greek) embraces parents with children diagnosed with cancer supporting the whole family during the exhausting cancer treatment period.
Ark of the World
Ark of the World is an organization for the care and protection of mothers and children who are facing negligence and abandonment without having access to medical attendance.
The Smile of the Child
The Smile of the Child is actively defending children's rights and offers to challenged children support services that improve their physical, mental, and psychological stability.


Protecting the environment is an everyday practice for all of us in LAMDA HELLIX. We constantly strive to minimize our carbon and environmental footprint throughout all the stages of our operation process.

Every year, we undertake several actions to highlight the need to be active members of our community. One of our main actions is that we annually celebrate UNEP’s World Environment Day supporting the theme that each year is adopted by the organization and focuses attention on a particularly pressing environmental concern that arises each year.