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We respond to the challenges of global digital economy, enabling our customers to pursue sustainable growth.

Introducing Lamda Hellix Lamda Intro

Lamda Hellix provides data center services that help organisations in the Southeastern Europe and MENA regions foster new information strategies, achieve operational sustainability and grow their business by catering for their customers in innovative ways.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of data center services, including consulting, design, development, implementation, operation, maintenance, and technical support. Our services aim to help you increase safety and availability of your mission-critical applications, while maintaining same autonomy and independence as with fully owned infrastructure.


We pride ourselves in developing and operating exceptional IT facilities with passion and commitment, in a way that motivates sustainability for our customers, our company, and the society.

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Our History History

Lamda Hellix was founded in 2002 and has been one of the fastest growing data center operators in Southeastern Europe since. Our clientele includes some of the biggest corporations and institutions in the region.

  • 2015

    Athens-2, the new and ultra-green data center of Lamda Hellix becomes operational

  • 2013

    TReceives the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification by Lloyds Register.

  • 2011

    Becomes a founding member of European Data Center Association.

  • 2006

    Receives the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems certification by Lloyds Register.

  • 2005

    The Integration & Consulting Business Unit is launched.

  • 2003

    Athens-1 becomes operative.

  • 2002

    Lamda Hellix is founded

Our accreditations Accreditations

The ISO:9001 accreditation certifies our commitment to delivering consistently high level of service. Our focus on process, procedures and quality enables us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, while mitigating risk and delivering uptime.
ISO:27001 is an international standard that recognises best practices in Information Security Management Systems and demonstrates that an organisation is following international information security policies.
Accredited Tier Designer (ATD)
Offered by the Uptime Institute, the Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) is an individual qualification intended to provide data center professionals with skills relevant to data center performance, efficiency, and reliability of infrastructure. Lamda Hellix’s Director of Integration & Consulting Business Unit, Giannis Noulis, received the accreditation in 2009.
European Code of Conduct for Data Centres
The European Commission's Code of Conduct on Data Centres' Energy Efficiency is a voluntary code for organisations committed to implement measures to reduce energy consumption. We are not only and active member, but furthermore an Endorser, promoting the understanding of energy demand within the data centers, raising awareness, and recommending energy efficient best practices.
European Data Center Association (EUDCA)
EUDCA is the only non-profit European organization representing all aspects of the Industry, from Data Centre operators to Data Centre users, suppliers, consultants and manufacturers. Lamda Hellix is a founding member of the organization and Apostolos Kakkos, Chairman and CEO of Lamda Hellix, has also been elected as Chairman of EUDCA.
The PCI Security Standards Council helps merchants, financial institutions and vendors understand and implement standards for security policies, technologies and ongoing processes that protect their payment systems from breaches and theft of cardholder data. Lamda Hellix’s Colocation Services are certified as compatible with the strict security policies and procedures of PCI DSS.
The Certified Data Centre Audit Professional (CDCAP)
The Certified Data Centre Audit Professional (CDCAP) is an essential certification that highlights the audit expertise of data center professionals. It has been designed by CNet Training to verify the ability of a professional to scope, plan and implement the audit process and analyse the audit data that portrait the status of the data center. Lamda Hellix’s Director of Integration & Consulting Business Unit, Giannis Noulis, received the certification in 2016.
LEED Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M): Data Centers v4
Athens-1 Data Center was launched in 2003 and holds since then a 100% availability record. Athens-1 is the first data center in the world certified for its green operation with LEED O+M v4 Gold. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. LEED O+M for Data Centers evaluates existing buildings specifically designed and equipped to meet the needs of high density computing equipment such as server racks, used for data storage and processing.
LEED Building Design and Construction (BD+C): Data Centers v4
Athens-2 Data Center employs advanced technologies and systems in a modular architecture. It is the first colocation data center in the world certified for its green design and construction with LEED BD+C v4 Gold in 2016. LEED for Building Design and Construction (LEED BD+C) provides a framework for building a holistic green building, giving the chance to identify every sustainability feature, maximizing benefits.
Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility for Athens-2
Offered by Uptime Institute following a review of multiple mechanical and facility criteria as defined in the Tier Standards, Tier Certification of Constructed Facility ensures that your facility has been constructed as designed, and verifies that it is capable of meeting the defined availability requirements, effectiveness and reliability. Lamda Hellix had been working closely with Uptime Institute since Athens-2 was designed to ensure that the facility upheld the standards necessary for certification and following rigorous tests the Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility has been awarded to Athens-2 ensuring that the Facility has been constructed as designed and verifying that it is capable of meeting all the defined availability requirements.
Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS)
Offered by Uptime Institute, the Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS) is an individual qualification intended to provide data center professionals with skills of complete understanding of the criteria to develop a comprehensive Management and Operations program for a critical facility by applying the Tier Standards to ensure optimum service. Lamda Hellix’s Director of Data Center Operations, Dimitris Kantaros, received the accreditation in 2017.