Lamda Hellix is rebranding to


Unique as a snowflake: Designed by market experts, our customised services accommodate specific industries’ needs.

  • Cloud & IT

    Your customers have zero tolerance for downtime. With our high-availability best practices in place, that won’t be a problem.

    You don’t have to be there; still, your customers know you work hard to support their business operations. Whether it’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Managed Services or Content Delivery, you need a highly available, always-on and operationally efficient platform, which will help your company offer a competitive portfolio of reliable, yet cost-effective products.

    With guaranteed availability by SLA, increased operational and energy efficiency and 24x7x365 support, you can provide smooth, fast and efficient services, increase customer loyalty and focus on growing your business.

  • Financial Services

    Your organisation can offer more than a safe place for transactions. Let us help you develop new services that can accelerate your growth.

    Your business is delicate. Every day, you deal with sensitive customer information, personal data and strict regulations. Providing a safe environment for transactions and online services is one thing; supporting your organisation to develop new revenue streams can be another.

    At Lamda Hellix, we believe that your industry is worth more than just a safe, always-on data centre. While safety and availability are extremely important, your organisation should be able to develop and provide new products, centralised customer service and instant customer support, whether at the branch, through your web services or on the move.

    Having worked with some of the biggest Banking & Financial Services Organisations in Southeastern Europe, our experienced team can offer you specialised advice and help you build a safe, interoperable, data-driven data centre, compliant with your industry’s regulations, ready to support new business, the use of analytics and the latest mobility trends for the emerging Internet of Things era.

  • Telecoms

    Your organisation needs to design and offer new, attractive, value-added services – fast. We can help you deliver faster.

    Our world is on the move. Businesses, employees and individuals rely on mobile devices and remote access for almost any aspect of their life. Whether it is business draughts, product artworks, music downloads or just a home-made video, your customers expect you to provide fast, uninterrupted delivery.

    Lamda Hellix will help you develop and support highly efficient data centres that protect, transfer and distribute high volumes of data, while maintaining control over your own technology. Our audits can help you locate and deal with potential risks, increase performance and reduce OPEX; providing an efficient business environment that will contribute to your organisation’s sustainability, both in terms of revenue and operational cost.

  • Retail & e-Tail

    Your business is all about customer experience. We can help you provide nothing less than an excellent one.

    When it comes to Retail and eTail, customer data and CRM applications are your greatest weapons to capitalise on your brand and visibility. According to a 2015 Gartner report, Retailers need to use their collected data in advanced ways, to effectively compete in today’s marketplace. Effective use of customer data will help improve customer experience and maintain a loyal base of returning customers.

    Our team of highly experienced engineers and business consultants can help you create an interruption-free, carrier-neutral environment that will provide the highest level of connectivity and interoperability amongst your CRM, Customer Loyalty, ERP and Invoicing applications, while maintaining a secure transaction place for your customers.

  • Mobile marketing

    Fast delivery can make all the difference to your customers’ business. You have to see to believe.

    According to a 2015 Business Insider Intelligence Report, not only Mobile Advertising is exploding, but it is also expected to grow much faster than any other digital advertising category.

    Your industry is growing fast; so is your competition. Having your operations run by Lamda Hellix can help you build a steady, highly available service portfolio to your customers. In our carrier-neutral data centres, we provide low latency networks that facilitate the fast, hassle-free delivery of high traffic volumes; helping you to get better analytics, increase sales revenue and maintain high customer satisfaction rates.