Energy efficiency Energy Efficiency

At Lamda Hellix, we believe that energy management and efficiency is the first and most important step towards long-term sustainability. Improving the energy efficiency is a continuous process to us, which includes both design and operational initiatives.

Environmental practices Environment Practices

Lamda Hellix is an award-winning company for its environmental policy. We actively pursue sustainable growth by integrating environment-friendly policies with both our day-to-day operations and our services portfolio.

In fact, we have been collecting data related to energy consumption for the last 8 years. The measurement process includes an expanded network of measuring units, providing real-time data for further analysis. Consumption data are combined with infrastructure operation data, through BMS and/or individual monitoring and management systems. This comprehensive architecture of power consumption and operation of infrastructure is used to create KPIs and to model the energy efficiency, in order to define the cause of high consumption and to implement techniques and strategies.
We are committed to resources conservation, whether it is energy consumption or carbon footprint.

Green Excellence Green Excellence

Our commitment towards the environment has been recognised by independent organisations.


Energy Efficiency Improvement Award

Environment 9

Bravo Sustainability Award: Bravo Market Category: Athens Data Center Campus – Meeting Innovation & Energy Efficiency

Environment 10

DCD Awards: Best Modular Deployment Award in EMEA

Environment 8

Energy Management and Operational Infrastructure Award

Environment 1

Responsible Business Award for 'Green' Initiatives

Environment 2

Green Synergies Award in cooperation with Schneider Electric

Sustainable Greece 2020 Sustainable Greece

Sustainable Greece Logo

The Sustainable Greece 2020 Initiative, launched by QualityNet Foundation in partnership with the leading Business Associations of Greece, aims to raise awareness amongst the Greek business community and society at large, on issues of Sustainable Development, Responsible Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility.

Athens-2, our green and innovative data center, has been recognised by the Sustainability Observatory of Sustainable Greece 2020 as a practice that promotes sustainable development, ethical entrepreneurship and social responsibility.