Colocation Service

Resilient, modular, secure. Our data centers in Greece provide security and privacy for your data; and interconnections that help your business grow.

Flexible modular infrastructure that adapts to your requirements and long-term needs

Redundant power and cooling infrastructure, certified at Tier III level by UptimeInstitute

Multiple layers of digital and physical security protects your equipment and data around the clock

On-site experienced and accredited engineers ensure 24/7/365 smooth running and continuous availability of your infrastructure

Our Colocation Services help customers safeguard their critical data and applications within a flexible, modular environment that delivers reliability and industry leading performance. We operate premium, highly available data centers in secured facilities, employing the highest industry standards for physical and digital security. Having privacy and safety of your data intact, and with continuous on-site support for guaranteed availability, your organisation can focus on cultivating new business opportunities and interconnections that will help your business grow.

Your presence in one of our Data Centers in Greece grants you access to our thriving ecosystem where major networks, significant Internet service providers and key market players meet providing you the opportunity to further grow your business. Our colocation services and our proven expertise ensure the high availability of your systems supporting you in every step of your way.

Colocation Space

Flexibility is the cornerstone of our colocation services. Based to your needs you may choose to rent our space to install your equipment starting from 1U up to a full size rack or a private suite solution. You will be provided with the power, bandwidth, IP address and cooling systems that will successfully respond to your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with a colocation solution that will help your business grow and benefit from economies of scale delivering high availability, redundancy, 24x7 support and high level of physical and digital security.

Our data centers in Greece will cater your need and budget regardless of size. You can choose the suitable solution for your business from the following categories:

1U - 9U

Hosting by InHellix Ecosystem

InHellix, our vibrant ecosystem includes some of the hosting industry leaders that provide competitive priced hosting solutions starting from 1U servers and flexible to grow following your needs.

10U 1/4 of Rack | 14U 1/3 of Rack | 21U Half Rack

Private Cabinet Compartment

Our customers can safeguard their critical equipment in a private compartment of a cabinet with independent and individually lockable doors, separate wire routing and two separate and independent power feeds per compartment. We offer compartments in the following sizes: 10U, 14U and 21U.

42U Full Rack

Private Cabinet

We offer 42U rack space cabinets, with secured doors and two separate and independent power feeds. Racks can be sourced by Lamda Hellix or provided by our customer.

Private Cage or Suite

Private Suite

Private Suites often are referred to as a “data center within a data center”. Practically the collocation space provided is isolated from other equipment and it is used exclusively by the customer. Additionally, power, cooling and security can be treated independently from the rest of the data center and according to customer’s requirements.

Private Cage

Colocation space is in a protective steel cage of 2.5m height, where access is allowed according to customer’s security policies, and is monitored and recorded by Access Control and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems. We offer private cages in a variety of sizes but we also customise them to fit the customer’s specific needs.

  • Always-on Data Centers

    Our data centers can host up to ultra-high density racks (30kW) providing cooling preferably using closed containment or other cooling means such as active doors depending on customer’s requirements.

  • Multihome Internet Connectivity

    Our Multihome Internet Connectivity service is designed for customers that depend on ultra-reliable, high-quality Internet connection and is supported by uplinks to multiple Internet Service Providers.

  • InHellix Ecosystem

    Hosting in one of Lamda Hellix’s data centers grants access to InHellix, our thriving ecosystem where major networks, Internet and Telecom service providers and corporations meet.

  • Ultra-high density computing

    Our data centers can host up to ultra-high density racks (30kW) providing cooling preferably using closed containment or other cooling means such as active doors depending on customer’s requirements.

  • Customer Experience

    We deliver exceptional service through our Security Team, Operations Team and Technical Support Team that provide 24x7x365 outstanding monitoring and intervention of critical facilities.

  • Support Services

    Our Support Services complement our Colocation Services and ensure that our customers are able to take full advantage of our data centers benefits even if they cannot afford to allocate resources.

  • Colocation in Greece

    Find out the advantages Greece offers and why you should move your data to Athens.