Athens Data Center Campus

A crossroad full of options: Athens Data Center Campus has it all.

The Athens Data Center Campus was established in 2003 and is strategically located in wider Athens area, connecting Europe, Asia and Africa with rapid and cost-efficient ways. With its recent developments and its carefully selected infrastructure, the Athens Data Center Campus offers an extensive portfolio of advanced services in a secure, powerful environment.


A potential power outage can seriously affect the business operation, service delivery and reliability of any organisation. This is why we never allow it to happen. Our data centers offer world-class availability in a redundant 2N architecture coupled with a rigorous Service Level Agreement. Furthermore, we hold a proven track record of 100% availability, since the launch of our first data center in 2003.
In the unlike event of power instability, dual UPS systems will serve the IT equipment energy needs. Our generators second level protection system is ready to take over the load seconds after any malfunction; while having service contracts with two major fuel suppliers guarantees virtually endless diesel supply.
  • Cooling

    Designed to offer both standard and customised cooling services, our data centers can cater for any load and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding IT deployments. Our Cooling systems are water based and include a redundant N+1 system (chillers, pumps, air conditioning units etc.), ensuring that the temperature in the IT equipment ingress is kept within industry limits defined by ASHRAE.


Together with our long standing ISP partners, we offer a wide range of reliable telecommunication services that can satisfy the most complex needs. Our thriving ecosystem of telecommunication providers includes some of the most significant organisations in the Region:
  • Security

    With advanced systems of physical and digital security in place, and thorough policy towards access and safety, you can rest assured that your valuable data and equipment are protected from theft, vandalism, disasters or any other incident.

  • Meet-Me-Room

    Connectivity is an essential element of our data centers. Hundreds of customers and tens of carriers reside with us. The Meet-Me-Room (MMR), a physical space located in our Data Center Campus, provides the right setup for our customers to interconnect to one or more carriers who also have presence in the facility. With connectivity being the nervous system of any data center, our well-managed Meet-Me-Room offers enhanced quality of service.

  • Ultra high density computing

    Our data centers can host up to ultra-high density racks (30kW) that provide cooling using closed containment or other cooling means, such as active doors, depending on customer’s requirements.

  • Cost efficiency

    Establishing an “on premise” data center includes expenses beyond the basic equipment; while budget restraints are an additional headache for the IT team of any organisation. From energy to cooling, internal resources can be freed up by relying on our data centers to maintain your servers and connections. We also offer smart pricing, to ensure customers receive industry-leading value for their investments.

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