• Power System

    Power infrastructure efficiency is a vital element of your data center. Rack cabinets, cooling systems and security systems are components that need to remain operative by all means.

    Our engineers, are able to develop a holistic understanding of your business needs and to determine the correct approach so that the solution we will design and develop will ensure resilient and reliable power delivery to every single aspect of your facility.

    All Lamda Hellix’s data centers employ extremely resilient power infrastructure. The uptime record of our data centers speaks for itself. Since 2003, when our first data center became operative, we have achieved 100% availability.

  • Cooling Solutions

    The importance of cooling is paramount, since it can affect the overall efficiency and OPEX of IT infrastructure. However, as each data center project is unique, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in the selection of a cooling solution.

    Having extensive experience in the deployment of a diverse range of cooling systems, we can deliver a bespoke solution that will help you achieve strategic business objectives, such as reducing OPEX and increasing energy efficiency.

  • Security Systems

    Regardless of location, infrastructure or type of data, your data center’s security is critical; and that’s exactly the way we see it.

    From simple access keys to high security bio metric access readers and high-definition total facility CCTV coverage, we integrate the solution that matches your business policy, without wasting valuable resources.

    Committed to innovation, we are a security systems specialist with an impressive list of extremely critical security implementation under its belt. Our customers enjoy cost effective, scalable and robust security solutions, featuring the level of resiliency necessary to support their business needs.

  • Development

    Big or small. Rural or metro. Tier I or Tier IV. Fixed or containerised. Whatever the size, location or type of your data center, we undertake each project with the same degree of personal service and attention to detail. It is our way to make sure we deliver an outstanding data center, fine-tuned to maximum operational efficiency, at a competitive cost.

  • Containerised Solutions

    Containerised data centers enable your company to use spaces that are not suitable for fixed facilities, minimising the time-to-launch a new data center or setup a temporary one.

    Whether you need to deploy a temporary facility, you need a facility deployed in a tight time frame, or are looking for an autonomous and self-sufficient data center, a containerised data center is the answer.

    Lamda Hellix is a pioneer in this market, possessing the expertise required to deliver a data center that can operate efficiently and cost effectively under the most challenging conditions.