Lamda Hellix is rebranding to

Telecommunication Services

Multiple market leading networks under one roof.

Fast and secure point-to-point transfer of your business data.

Resilient and competitive internet service that grows with your business.

Reliable and stable Multihome internet service, supported by multiple ISPs.

Partnership with top telcos guarantee availability, speed and price.

Together with our InHellix Ecosystem partners and our long standing partnerships with ISPs providers, we offer a wide range of telecommunication services that are designed to meet the demanding data transfer requirements of our customers in today’s digital economy.

We aim to be a single point of contact for our customers, managing the setup and maintenance of the necessary telecommunication services, so their business needs are met while costs remain within budget.

Point-To-Point Connection point icon

Data transfer with speed, reliability and security is vital. That’s why we research the market to locate the optimum telecommunication offerings at the most competitive cost.

Our Point-To-Point Connections deliver:

  • Low latency to mitigate delays in data transfer.
  • Flexible bandwidth options to select from.
  • Multiple choices in equipment and installations.
  • Market leading Service Level Agreements.
  • Reliable services at competitive cost.

Internet/Data Services data icon

Your business’ operations relay on timely, reliable and secure data transfer. In Lamda Hellix we appreciate the importance of a reliable network and work closely with our partners to avoid the cost of downtime and unreliable internet. We offer resilient internet/data services that grow with your business. Furthermore, we ensure an exceptional customer experience; and smooth, hassle-free set-up.

Multihome Internet Service multihome icon

Our Multihome Internet Connectivity Service in supported with uplinks to multiple Internet Service Providers to provide superior performance and resilience, while maintaining high scalability.


Out-of-Band service out-of-band-service icon

Make sure your systems will never be out of reach

Networks often crash because of very simple problems; problems that could easily be fixed if you could just get your hands on them. Our Out-of-Band service provides exactly what system administrators need in order to get their hands on your system hosted in our data centers.

The Out-of-Band service is delivered over a dedicated ethernet port, establishing a secure and discrete channel for managing network devices like routers and switches. The internet feed can be delivered over a UTP connection.

Enjoy peace of mind by ensuring you can access your infrastructure even if your multihome internet connection faces problems.

Featured Telecommunication Partners

We partner with some of Europe’s most significant TelCos:

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