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Monitoring infrastructure for SMBs

Transform your business with modern & secure monitoring

Lamda Hellix monitoring approach keeps track of delivered solutions, collecting, analyzing and capturing various telemetry information, processing all data based on rules and raising alerts. Our monitoring engine is used for:

  • Proactive and reactive monitoring against any solution or asset based on measurements.
  • Become the first step for auditing.
  • Increase security, availability, performance and scalability.
  • Identify failures (hardware or software), misconfiguration issues, patch update challenges and performanc degradation issues.

Protect your infrastructure with Azure and Lamda Hellix solutions

Microsoft uses a wide variety of physical, infrastructure, and operational controls to help secure your infrastructure and safeguard your workloads. How and what can be utilized:

  • Turn on Azure Security Center to strengthen your cloud security posture. Within Azure Security Center, use Azure Defender to protect your hybrid cloud workloads.
  • Use Azure Monitor, which is a central tool for complete management of an organization’s monitoring approach.
  • It provides features such as activity logs, diagnostic logs, metrics, application insights and log analytics.
  • Azure log analytics utilization to enable central processing of logs and generate insights and alerts from them.

Store and analyze all your operational telemetry in a centralized, fully managed, scalable data store that’s optimized for performance and cost


Test your hypotheses and reveal hidden patterns using the advanced analytic engine, interactive query language, and built-in machine learning constructs


Integrate with popular DevOps, issue management, IT service management, and security information and event management tools

Monitor your infrastructure

Analyze and optimize the performance of your infrastructure, including virtual machines (VMs), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Storage, and databases. Monitor your Linux and Windows VMs and their health and dependencies—all on a single map.

With Lamda Hellix monitoring approach you can:

  • Protect the whole infrastructure based on your policies and procedures.
  • Customize the solution to fit all of your needs.
  • Monitor any component (custom applications, azure resources, on premise assets, VMs, public or private services, and more).
  • Follow the process of Infrastructure as code for managing and monitoring components through automation, DevOps practices and machine-to-machine implementations.
  • Use standardization and streamline processes to include monitoring on any ICT solution.
  • Optional add-on: 24x7 engineer monitoring through our award-winning Operations Center.

Why Lamda Hellix?

  • We have long-term experience on ICT monitoring solutions.
  • Scalable solutions with fast deployment as you need.
  • Pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow models.
  • 24x7 operations center team providing continuous monitoring.
  • Proven methodology on infrastructure monitoring solutions.

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  • Colocation Services

    Resilient, modular, secure. Our data centers in Greece provide security and privacy for your data; and interconnections that help your business grow.

  • Multihome Internet Connectivity

    Enjoy ultra-reliable, high-quality Internet connectivity options supported by uplinks to multiple Internet Service Providers.

  • Ultra-high density computing

    Our data centers can host up to ultra-high density racks (30kW) providing cooling preferably using closed containment or other cooling means such as active doors depending on customer’s requirements.