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Business Continuity Services

Eliminate your vulnerability to disasters and maintain continuous business operation even in case of a crisis.

Enter a concrete, safe and highly available working environment, which, in case of disaster, will enable your organisation to continue operations.

Uniterrupted productivity for users in an environment that adjusts to their personal computing and working needs.

It is crucial for every organization to make sure that its operation will remain uninterrupted no matter what. To prevent the risk of a downtime and its negative impact to the organization, a business continuity plan should be implemented followed by a risk assessment of the current operation status of the organization.

Business Continuity plan is about building and improving resilience in your business; it is about devising plans and strategies that will enable you to continue your business operations and recover quickly and effectively from a disruption, whatever the size or cause. It gives you a solid framework to lean-on in times of crisis and provides stability and security.

Our Business Continuity Services provide you a guaranteed working space and computing equipment, which, in case of disaster, will allow your business to continue its operations while minimizing the risk of revenue and reputation loss. Our Business Continuity areas are located within our data centers campus and they are supported by infrastructure of the same reliability and security as our Colocation facilities.

Each standard Business Continuity Seat includes desk and a chair, a dual cable interconnection for voice and data and dedicated Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) backed up by generators. All the specifications of a Business Continuity Seat (height, lighting, ventilation, etc.) are fully compliant to the Greek legislature regarding office areas.

The Business Continuity Seats are available either for dedicated or shared use from our customers.

  • Dedicated Business Continuity Seats

    By choosing a business continuity plan with dedicated Business Continuity seats, you can rest assure that your pre-defined number of seats are available at any time for exclusive use even during large scale crises. This is the optimum solution for an organization that needs to reassure that it will continue to operate during an unplanned event.

  • Shared Business Continuity Seats

    The shared Business Continuity seats offer a flexible scheme of predefined number of seats for the implementation of their business continuity plan during normal situations, but guarantees only a ratio of those seats during large scale crises.

    You can choose between two levels of equipment provided with the Business Continuity Seats, the Basic (mandatory) and the Computing.

  • Workplace Recovery Service

    The Workplace Recovery Service compliments the standard Business Continuity Service adding, a personal computer, an LCD/TFT monitor, a keyboard and mouse to the equipment provided with a standard seat.

    Upon your request, we activate the computing equipment with a preconfigured and licensed software image you have provided, mirroring the workplace your users are accustomed to, in terms of software applications and environment, reducing the time required for your users to become immediately operational.