Greece’s human resources are meeting the needs of today’s service and knowledge-based economy. People holding university degrees represent 41% of nation’s labour force and Greece is one of the top countries in Europe in labour productivity. English language is widely spoken by Greeks and it is used from the majority of companies on a daily basis.

Greece's energy market has been liberalised, enabling stable but competitively priced energy suppliers to enter the marker. In wind and solar, major progress is being made as Greece has committed to a minimum 29% of energy from RES by 2020.



Being strategically located amongst Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia, Greece is one of the main gateways submarine networks reach Europe. Additionally, ultra-high bandwidth telecom networks connect Greece to the rest of Europe and the World by land.

Greece is a European country that enjoys more than 50 years of a steady democratic political system. It joined the European Union in 1981 and the Euro currency in 2002 and is also a NATO member. After facing a financial crisis, the economy is 100% stabilized with significant improvements in all economic indicators and acceleration of reforms positioning the country as an attractive investment destination for the coming years due to the low labour cost, good infrastructure, stable democracy and closeness to an geographic area with more than 200M people.



Located at the crossroads of three continents, Greece is close to several emerging markets and more than 200M population. Within the limits of European Union, Greece offers access to cost-efficient and stable infrastructures. With transportation networks by sea, air and land, Greece can be an ideal location for the colocation of critical infrastructure in a stable environment with very low latencies and data security.

Some of the leading data centers in Europe are located in Greece offering premium colocation services that have achieved international recognition. Recently, Athens-2, the new facility of Lamda Hellix, the leading Greek Data Center services provider, received the Best Colocation Data Center in EMEA Award by DatacenterDynamics. Athens-2 was the first DC in the world for achieving both LEED Gold & Tier III certifications.



Greece has exceptional engineers and premium colocation facilities with impeccable performance records that compete with the top data centers of Western Europe. However, Greek colocation providers offer significantly lower prices than their counterparts in countries of the European North, attracting companies from all around the world.