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Consulting Services

High availability and operational efficiency start with a superior data center design.

Our Audit service identifies the Achilles’ heel of your data center and proposes corrective actions to eliminate the risk of IT downtime.

A Tier certification recognises the fact that your data center is protected against downtimes. We‘ll support you throughout the process of obtaining the certification.

From blueprints to an elaborative Design Workbook, we make sure that the development of your data center is never in ‘unchartered waters’.

There is only one way to go: Green with a LEED certification. Our holistic approach guarantees an efficient and environmental-friendly data center.


A solid, reliable data center is a strategic business asset towards the success of any enterprise. Understanding the capabilities of your data center, not only eliminates the risk of downtime, but also allows effective planning and budgeting.

Our Auditing Service identifies the areas at a data center’s operation that should be addressed from a cost, operational or risk perspective. We work closely with the customer to understand the drives and the technology objectives of their organisation. Our Consulting Engineers investigate and assess the facility under audit, review designs and study the documents related to our customer’s infrastructure.

At the end of an audit, our customer receives an analysis describing the needs and potential risks of its current operation, and also suggesting actions that should be considered when planning for the future.

The audit analysis we compile incorporates the following key aspects:

  • Energy efficiency profile
  • Power and cooling assessment
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis
  • Physical Security Assessment
  • Critical Infrastructure Assessment

Our aim is to ensure that the final audit analysis incorporates recommendations that are relevant to our customer’s business today and allow its business growth in the future.

Tier Certifications

The Tier system of Uptime Institute is a reliable process that ensures all mechanical and electrical components of a data center meet specific resiliency and redundancy requirements.

The Tier certification certifies that an organisation is protected against unplanned downtimes. However, obtaining a Tier certification can be a complex undertaking.

In Lamda Hellix we have a thorough understanding of the Tier system, and the expertise to determine the elements of the certification that are relevant to the customer.

In collaboration with Uptime Institute Professional Services, we perform the following actions:

  • Verification of infrastructure’s topology based on the requirements of the desired Tier certification.
  • Preparation of a brief report that identifies potential design errors and suggests corrective actions necessary for the achievement of the Tier Certification that the customer pursues.
  • Confirmation of the corrective actions implemented and design modifications introduced in order to fulfil the Tier certification requirements.

Our highly experienced engineers have successfully supported several major organisations through the demanding certification process that led to their Tier III or Tier IV recognition by Uptime Institute.

During each step of the process, we deploy a holistic approach to determine the relevant elements of the Tier system that are appropriate to our customer, steering away from inefficient ‘one-size-fit-all’ solutions.

LEED Certifications

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in a revolutionary programme of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) recognising the design, construction, maintenance and operations of high-performance, green projects.

Lamda Hellix is a pioneer in the provision of LEED Consulting Services in the region; while Athens-2, our new and innovative data center, is one of the first facilities in Europe which received the LEED v4 Gold certification for their green design and development, our data center Athens-1 is the first in the world that is certified with the LEED v4 Gold for its green operation.

Our Consulting Engineers hold significant experience in the design and development of sustainable and green data centers and they go the extra mile, not only to support you through the elaborative steps of the LEED certification, but also to develop a highly performing, environmental-friendly data center.

Conceptual and Technical Design

The most common starting point of any data center project is the creation of conceptual design documents. The documents will incorporate high level specifications, 3D conceptual renders, electrical and mechanical schematics, and a feasibility report.

The conceptual documents can be used at an early stage of the data center project as part of a business plan, a strategy report or an invitation to tender. The Consulting Engineers assigned to the project work with our customers to prepare a Design Workbook that will be used to drive the development of the data center.

The Design Workbook covers all stages prior to development, including technical specifications and layouts (structural steel work, pipework, power and data cabling), containment, fire and security systems, equipment positions, composite modular partitions and other elements. Additionally, a detailed budget, realistic timelines, project development milestones and architectural, electrical and mechanical details are incorporated.

Testing and Commissioning

Following the completion of a data center project, the thorough testing and commissioning of the infrastructure under design load conditions is necessary, to assure that the objectives have been met, in terms of resiliency, efficiency and redundancy.

Our Testing and Commissioning service verifies that each component is reliable for live operation and configured to maximum efficiency.

During the beginning of the testing and commissioning, Lamda Hellix’ experienced team of Consulting Engineers assigned to the project, reviews the manufacturers’ specifications and construction designs in order to produce and submit a proposed process. Upon customer authorisation, they proceed to the testing and commissioning of equipment that can lead to significantly higher levels of efficiency.

Lamda Hellix’ Testing and Commissioning service includes the following key activities:

  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Field component verification
  • System construction verification
  • Site acceptance testing
  • Integrated system testing

The Testing and Commissioning service provides significant reductions in energy costs, as well as costs of defects, maintenance and performance loss.

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