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Cross Connect Service

Connecting with your customers, partners, carriers and ISPs can be fast, easy and cost-effective.

Connect to InHellix, our thriving ecosystem of network operators, ISPs and Internet Exchange, as well as cloud andcontent providers.

Enjoy a wide range of operational and business benefits, such as high network reliability, low latency and access to a series of potential partners and customers.

Cross Connect Services link our customers to InHellix, our thriving ecosystem that includes network operators, Internet service providers and exchanges (GR-IX & SEECIX powered by DE-CIX), cloud and content providers.

The service in cabling types and unlimited interconnections, ensuring high network reliability, redundancy and low latency by connecting our customers with companies in our data centers.

Our Cross Connect Services offer our clients direct access to a wide range of potential customers and partners enabling an open marketplace that creates opportunities for both end-users and providers.

Interconnection through the

The Cross Connect Services includes:

  • The installation and certification of the interconnection through the Meet-Me-Room.
  • The monthly maintenance of the interconnection.
  • Onsite, 24x7 services for troubleshooting & maintenance.

Direct Interconnection

Upon customer request, the cabling interconnection of own infrastructure can be located anywhere within our Data Center Campus. Direct Interconnection provides direct cabling between the racks of our customer without passing through the Meet-Me-Room. It includes:

  • The installation of the interconnection.
  • Optional monitoring and maintenance service.

Our Operations Team can offer a total cabling solution on demand, including construction, certification, documentation, maintenance and support.