Applying the fundamentals of cooling methods is crucial to getting the best results. Let’s have a look at the basic metrics data centers need to follow.

During the last decade, we have witnessed certain advances in the cooling practices of data centers, with newer methods such as containment, free cooling, and evaporating cooling being in the spotlight lately. The point is, that without proper and well-tested metrics it is impossible to get the best results, no matter the theoretical effectiveness of the cooling method applied (modern or more traditional).

The following are metrics (part of a huge list) and tips that can be used to indicate how well a data center is doing in terms of cooling and the effectiveness of actions in this direction.


Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is the most widely used metric for assessing the energy efficiency of a data center. It is represented by the formula:

PUE=Total Facility Energy

          IT equipment energy

It is, in fact, a great metric to measure data center performance and a very useful “tool” to access changes and improvements made to a data center over time.


To Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) is there to determine how to effectively utilize cooling infrastructure in order to perform as expected. It is calculated by dividing the total rated cooling capacity (kW) by 110% of the IT critical load, again in kW. Assuming all cooling units are running, the total rated cooling capacity is the same value as the total installed rated cooling capacity.

According to global best practices, CCF close to 1.2 is usually desirable, although results up to 3.0 are seen as common.

Οn cooling effectiveness

How about employing infrared cameras and infrared thermometers to avoid hot spots?

Well, it might sound too much, yet it is very effective. Most advanced data centers are using sensors distributed in all areas to measure cooling, as there is often the case of hot spots found in isolated locations. To avoid this, infrared cameras and thermometers can have a significant impact to ensure the ultimate effectiveness of the cooling system.

A never-ending list

We could continue forever presenting a huge list of metrics and considerations related to cooling. Yet we know that by going into extreme details, more and more questions may arise.

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