Done right, colocation can be a fantastic solution for every business. Here are the most common mistakes every organization has to avoid.  


Colocation services have been around for more than a decade. Nowadays more and more businesses identify its benefits and “invest” in colocation, in an effort to grow fast and offer the best possible services.  


While it is a common practiceit is important for every business to make serious considerations prior to choosing the right colocation provider. Mistakes can turn out to cause serious implications for any organization.  


Let’s have a look at the most common pitfalls on setting up colocation.  


Choose the wrong provider

Businesses choose colocation because they want to meet specific business objectives. At the same time, technology-wise, one colocation provider differs to another. To that, it is important that the provider’s technological approach is aligned with the customers’ objectives and goals.  


Ignoring the details on the SLA 

For anyone new to colocation, it is very important to have a clear understanding of the details on the service level agreement with the provider. For example, some providers tend to allow themselves some space for outages during the year. For mission-critical equipment and for specific business goals, this may not be acceptable for many companies 


On this side, businesses seeking for the most convenient colocation providers should cross-check on the following:  


- Does the SLA include terms only related to power? Are there any terms referring to network uptime as well? How are these connected with each other?  

- Are there any details on cooling and humidity levels? Do these apply within certain range?  

- Does the SLA include any details on the credit that will be given to the provider if terms are not met?  


Miscalculation of hidden costs 

Colocation providers offer services with different pricing models and a comparison of prices is not always easy. Also, based on different models, many providers might include a number of hidden costs.  


To that, organizations need to come up with a detailed list of the services they need. This will allow both sides to put things in place and define costs in as much detail as possible.  

At Lamda Hellix we are confident pricing is not something our customers need to worry about! 


Network connectivity is crucial 

While choosing a colocation provider, companies need to define which communications carriers already reside at a particular colocation facility 


At Lamda Hellix we have made all the provisions which allow our customers to enjoy uninterrupted, agile internet connectivity by multiple internet providers, ensuring superior performance and resilience at lower expense.   


Do all the above seem reasonable? Well, they are.  

Our focus is on leveraging trust as the foundation for fruitful and long-lasting business relationships with our customers.  


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