Entering the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, services like colocation are becoming more of a necessity for all types of companies. 

During this emerging “brave new world” we live inbusinesses are constantly looking for ways to develop and maintain cost-effective data center infrastructure which will remain safe at all times and will enable them to scale their business to new heights.  

This is why colocation data centers provide their customers with 


Excellent infrastructure 

Colocation data centers, such as Lamda Hellix, offer state of the art infrastructure. They leverage “economies of scale” to provide the best solutions in all key areas: power, cooling, connectivity, bandwidth, latency, and more.  

Having such issues solved, organizations can then focus on what is important to them, actual business. 



Both in physical and digital terms, security is a top priority for colocation solution providers. For example, at Lamda Hellix, we continuously upgrade all security measures to make sure our customers equipment and data remain safe under all circumstances. Even against all possible natural disasters.  



Let’s use an example. Imagine your company spending a few hundreds of thousands or even millions for an in-house data center, to meet with business objectives for the next 3-5 years. Assuming everything goes well, in due time you will need to set up new business KPIs, higher objectives. Are you sure your data center will then be able to support your pursuit for higher KPIs? Can you be sure you will be compliant with regulations in the new markets you are planning to enterWhat happens if you increase your headcount?  


For organizations facing similar issues, an in-house data center can be a dead end and a very expensive one.  

On the contrary, colocation providers are designed not only to comply with regulations and standards, but also to provide flexibility for changes in the capacity requirements, and enable companies to scale fast and effectively.  


It all comes down to cost, of course. With colocation, organizations do not need to worry about the steep costs of setting up infrastructure (cooling, security, availabilty) or about what happens when time for scaling comes around. 


At Lamda Hellix, it is our job to drive cost down for customers while maximizing their business potential.  

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