In a world where data keeps getting bigger, colocation is the answer for safely storing and actively leveraging the power of data for business purposes. How did this relationship develop? 

Given the recent IDC forecasts, the Internet of Things (IoT) which will fuel the explosion of data, is just en route to becoming a $1,7 million market in 2020.  

This rapid explosion is now making organizations research, test and apply various strategies through which Big Data will empower their effective transformation towards a profitable future.  

Yet, we all know this future requires significant computing infrastructure to effectively manage, store, organize, and leverage Βig Data 

This is where colocation comes in.

Avoiding limitations and reactiveness  

The demand for larger compute and storage as well the need for more secure and flexible systems are the main driving forces behind the rise of colocation.  

Considering the requirements of Big Data on cooling, power, and network efficiency, the relative and associated cost for the management of an in-house data center becomes an absolute burden. Modern organizations with significant growth rates are now seeing the benefits of colocation as a “gateway” for accessing flexible, advanced, and secure infrastructure which - under normal circumstances - they would find it very difficult and expensive to own and maintain.  

Additionally, colocation providers employing DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solutions are now capable of providing all types of organizations with what seemed unimaginable until a decade ago: a modern, secure, scalable, and energy efficient data center.  

Here is a list of the most profound ways colocation empowers the world of Big Data:   

- Maximizing business potentials and scalability. 

- Fostering global, fast and secure connections.  

- Providing 100% security and safety against data breaches and all sorts of attacks (digital and physical).  

- Sharing the latest tech infrastructure.  

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