As data centers take on a more important role for businesses, increasing costs are forcing many companies to compromise physical security. Of course, this can be a major mistake. 

The case for data center security has never be more important. Facilities should enjoy the highest levels of protection, not only from natural disasters. Not to mention terrorists, even common criminals tend to find value in IT equipment they sell on the black market. Servers, cables, and copper from wiring are consisting a large part of the black market worldwide.  

So, what can data center managers do in order to keep the premises and equipment safe?  

Here are a few common types of safety technology used by data centers around the world.  

Anti-tailgate solutions: They are commonly known as turnstiles and they are made to prevent people from entering a facility right after authorized personnel does. Lately, this technology has been improved and turnstiles can deny access to two people trying to enter almost at the same time.  

Facial recognition: This is a commoditized technology (look at the new iPhone X) but it is not the most trustworthy one. There are ways to bypass it. However, it is expected to improve fast and effectively so that it becomes mainstream in the near future.  

Advanced cameras technology: New high definition cameras with advanced pan-tilt-zoom technologies are among the best security features for data centers. Not only they can prevent intrusion by automatically triggering alarms or other actions (doors locking etc.), they are equipped to identify people and vehicles in real time. Machine learning technologies are also enabling modern cameras to “learn” patterns of movement, people, vehicles, and other details and act relevantly and accurately.  

Access control systems: A technology well-tested, access control systems are becoming more and more “clever”. New systems can even locate people at any time inside your building, so they can be reached in case of emergency. In addition, they can also help you analyze actions by people and identify potential theft attempts not only from intruders but also from misbehaving personnel.  

At Lamda Hellix data center, the level of physical and digital security is extreme. In addition, we have developed some of the most demanding security projects in the region. So, we will be more than happy to help you advance the security of your infrastructure.   

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