As computing is rapidly changing, applications data and services are expected to perform the best way possible. The role of modern data centers in this is - of course  crucial in this, providing faster processing and better latency. 

Almost all organizations now need access to a reliable and scalable data center. The best way to build it is to keep things simple in terms of structure, thermal management, and operating technologies.  

Let’s look at a few practical tips on this side 

  1. Choose the right cabinets: Whether you are planning your data center in a shared or in private space, you need to carefully consider the size of the cabinets you will use. Remember you have to employ the right amount of equipment depending both on space available and capacity requirements.  
  1. Cable management: Always remember that cabling for power, network, and access control should not interfere with airflow. Preassigned pathways is the answer to this issue.  
  1. Infrastructure Management solutions: Consolidating control over power, access controls, and even environmental monitoring is important. To that, Infrastructure Management solutions will enable you to keep operations simple and efficient.  
  1. Environmental monitoring: Excess temperature or humidity is a very common cause of problems for most data centers. As mentioned, DCIM tools will help you with this. Yet, it is always good to know that temperature and humidity sensors are commonly placed near the top of each cabinet. Of course, this depends on the whole structure, its size, its capacity requirements, and the rest of the environmental conditions around it.  
  1. Security options: Make sure you invest enough in physical security, even if danger is “nowhere near to be seen”. From plain CCTV coverage to advanced biometric access readers, you need to plan and execute as if the unexpected is about to happen.  

Last but not least, the most important tip we can give you is to choose the right consultant when setting up your data center. No matter the size and the requirements of your business and your facilities, mistakes can be extremely expensive.  

As discussed in a recent blogpost, the right consultant should be able to understand your business needs and have extensive experience on similar projects. Together, you will set up a specific blueprint to ensure that all requirements are met 

At Lamda Hellix, we understand that cost-effectiveness, redundancy, scalability, and overall efficiency are the pillars for the success of your facilities. Furthermore, our consultants will also guide you step-by-step towards achieving all necessary certifications.  

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