Extreme weather phenomena and the increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks are bringing Business Continuity among the top business priorities for 2019.

Here are some useful predictions all businesses should keep in mind.  

Proactive data placement 

Until know, the vast majority of businesses were moving data positions only after they were attacked It is now time for businesses to be proactive and actually set up a process of moving data to bypass risks before they are actually presented with an actual threat.  

Of course, this needs to be done after careful consideration, as the process itself create “open windows” available to hackers.  

In order for this strategy to be effective and especially where Business Continuity is involved, managers have to work closely with specialized service providers in order to ensure zero vulnerability and scalability 

Crisis response becomes very important for business reputations 

Consumers now expect businesses to be fully professional in the way they protect data

Since no organization is immune to crises (natural disaster, cyberattack etc.), we should all be aware that consumers pay close attention to how businesses and respond to crises, what measures they take on a daily basis and during an incident to avoid a breach or a complete disaster.  

During 2019, this attention has become even more intense. 

Business Continuity is the answer 

Business Continuity services provide organizations will solid protection against phenomena which disrupt business operations. It is also a very good way to increase immunity against cyberattacks and malware leading to data breach.  

As it is, Business Continuity has become a lot more than just a necessity for all modern organizations. 

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