With a huge data breach being announced every week and with the Cambridge Analytica scandal still rocking the social spectrum, consumers are well aware that their data is precious and often compromised. And they will be watching all of us in the business world closely! 


The growing concerns about data protection and the new EU policies (GDPR) have made consumers much more privacy-conscious. It is estimated that more than 25% of online consumers are worried about their online privacy. This number has increased significantly since 2013 (18%) and is expected to increase even more by 2020. 


People often delete cookies and use VPNs 

In response to increased awareness of data privacy, consumers have learned how to “clean” their devices from cookies. They have also become familiar with the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), allowing them to keep their IP address hidden.  


Lack of trust 

Even worse is the fact that consumers seem to have a complete lack of trust towards the digital spectrum and this can cause serious implications in the global economy. After all, trust is the most important factor underlying growth and in the modern world.  


How should brands respond to that 

First and foremost, brands need to showcase solid commitment to security. They need to prove that not only they care about the privacy of their customers, but they also take all necessary actions to ensure that the data they hold cannot be accessed 

How is this possible? By employing the right people and the right technologies, and finding ways to communicate this effectively.  


Services such as Colocation and Business Continuity with a top provider can provide organizations with complete peace of mind towards data protection. 


In addition, brands need to carefully choose the partners they work with. This should be a top priority, as we have seen examples of privacy concerns been raised as a result of a “careless” collaboration between organizations.  

Last but not least, organizations need to train their staff accordingly, creating a mindset of security and protection in the online environment.  


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