Successful Business Continuity is all about planning, people, operations, and critical thinking. What do Managers need to consider when thinking about Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery? Find out below and be ready to safeguard your business.

There is a painful truth for companies who do not invest in Business Continuity. Data breaches, missing days of productivity with downtime can bring pain, and can even destroy a company.

- It is not only about environmental disasters – It is about human mistakes as well

Most people think of Business Continuity as a way to maintain active operations following a disruptive environmental issue (i.e earthquakes, floods, etc). This, of course, is true, yet, surveys have shown that for about half the companies who have enjoyed the benefits of BC and disaster recovery so far, it was due to human error.

- Without proper staff training, there is no hope!

We have mentioned before that Business Continuity and disaster recovery is certainly about more than just IT. It is all about operations, data, and people. Nothing can be achieved; no plan can be executed unless the people involved are trained both in terms of business but also in terms of technology. Working on people’s mindset and resilience is by far the most critical factor.

- Test, test, test….

Successful implementation never comes without extensive testing. The people involved have to be confident about their abilities and their training. They should also be confident that plans will work. The only way to achieve that is to simulate all possible Business Continuity and disaster recovery scenarios and practice on them.

Obviously, testing will also allow Managers to identify possible mistakes and carefully asses people and tools involved in the process.

- Digital security is key at all stages

Managers are now aware of the dangers coming online. To that, while testing a Business Continuity plan, they should always asses the levels of digital security for their company. After all, during times of crisis, vulnerabilities can cause a real disaster.

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