LAMDA HELLIX, the leading data center services provider of SE Europe, announced that Athens-1 is the first data center in the world certified with LEED v4 Gold O+M for its green operation and maintenance.

Athens-1 is located within LAMDA HELLIX’s Data Center Campus in the outskirts of Athens and since its launch in 2003, has achieved remarkable scores for availability and energy savings. Striving to minimize the carbon footprint of Athens-1, LAMDA HELLIX has improved the energy efficiency of the facility alongside regular monitoring and control of power systems. Similarly, a significant reduction of water consumption has been achieved and “green” procurement and waste management policies have been implemented.

LAMDA HELLIX's Director of Data Center Operations, Dimitris Kantaros, commented, "The world's first green certification of Athens-1 demonstrates that the innovative and sustainable practices of our data centers reduce our carbon footprint, protect the environment and deliver significant economic benefits to our customers. We are proud that the efforts of our Operations Team position LAMDA HELLIX and Greece among the green technology pioneers of the data center market".