Colocation is all about placing your servers at modern data center facilities offering state of the art security, support, stellar performance, reliability, and scalability. Here are a few important things to consider throughout the process.

  1. Have a tour of the data center

Having seen a few data centers does not mean you have seen them all. When researching colocation, ask for a tour and double-check all the important parameters such as physical and digital security, cooling infrastructure, etc.

  1. Check the right rack and cabinet sizes

If you are going to use existing rack and cabinets, bring your own measuring tape and check out if your hardware fits the sizes. Making sure everything fits, will save you time and money.

  1. Evaluate connectivity

Discuss and learn about all the internet connectivity parameters involved in the data center facility you are about to choose. Advanced data centers will offer you a variety of solutions so most likely you will be fine with the choices you have.

  1. Power systems

Availability of power systems is also something you need to predefine. For instance, you will need to make sure enough outlets are available, DC power availability. You might even want to share your scaling plans with that the data center managers, to ensure the facility will be able to support you in the mid-term and even in the long-term.

  1. Moving in procedures

The more organized you can be while moving, the better. So, prior to moving, check the facility for things like ramps, loading docks, tools, and even carts you will find useful.

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