Undoubtedly, the COVID 19 outbreak changed the way the world does business, pushing the majority of industry leaders online and increasing investment in digital tools for remote working. This means that the demand for video conferencing tools, VPN services, and cloud computing increased, and therefore the demand for Multi-tenant data centers skyrocketed. Nowadays, the multi-tenant data centers industry seems to be mission-critical and it goes without saying that the demand will continue either for organizations or cloud providers. 

So, let’s see what multi-tenant data centers are, and then we can explore the benefits the businesses can reap via investing in such an outsourcing solution.

Multi-tenant data centers are typically data centers operated by third parties where organizations can rent space to host their data. They are often referred to as colocation data centers providing the space and networking equipment to connect an organization to service providers at a minimal cost. There are several options aiming to meet varying needs of different industries—from a server rack to a complete purpose-built infrastructure. This allows the organizations to outsource their IT infrastructure, engineering redundancy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness utilizing the scalability options that a multi-tenant data center can provide at a very competitive pricing.

Investing in a multi-tenant provider, simultaneously means that all the types of businesses can serve their customers in a better way offering:

Flexibility & Reliability

Flexibility is the cornerstone of multi-tenant data centers as businesses have the opportunity to rent only the required space in order to install their equipment, taking advantage of advanced technologies and cloud computing solutions. Additionally, multi-tenant data centers via its Technical Operations Center (TOC) are monitoring the hosted infrastructure 24x7x365, making sure that everything operates at peak efficiency and is ready to deal with any potential issue.

Low costs

When companies invest in outsourcing their digital infrastructure in a multi-tenant data center - which means that they do not have to build, host, or maintain themselves - their OpEx and CapEx operating expenses are significantly reduced. Nor to forget that such an investment gives companies of all the sizes the flexibility to scale as they grow.

Security & Uptime

Multi-tenant data centers offer multiple levels of protection against cyber-attacks, floods, disasters, and service outages which in a different situation can cost businesses a fortune! Additionally, multi-tenant data centers are protected 24/7 by security personnel and are fully accredited with all the information security management systems which demonstrate that they follow international information policies.

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