Over the years, Cloud computing has gone through significant and rapid changes with the transition from in-house managed data centers to virtualized infrastructures. This evolution brought ‘Hybrid Cloud’ in the spotlight.

Hybrid Cloud, as its name implicitly suggests, is a mixed computing, storage, and services environment that combines two different types of technology infrastructures: Public Cloud and Private Cloud, and in some cases, a company’s own data center. It allows data and applications to be shared between them, enabling organizations to leverage the specific benefits of both offsite and onsite computing.

It is a tailor-made infrastructure designed to serve either enterprises’ or medium-size businesses’ needs and remains flexible and scalable as the business grows. This means that companies have the overall control of their expenditures via the “pay-as-you-grow model” - a fully customized solution which allows companies to pay solely for the resources they use. Moreover, this tailor-made infrastructure offers high-availability cloud services such as HWaaS, IaaS, PaaS, DRaaS, supporting critical systems and applications. So, whether enterprises or medium size businesses can take advantage of Hybrid Cloud services!

It is also worth mentioning that despite the fact that public and private segments of the hybrid cloud are bound together, they remain unique entities, which means that Hybrid Cloud continues to offer the benefits of multiple deployment models at once.

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