More and more companies worldwide are looking to undertake digital transformation with the data center industry and colocation market booming.  The most important choice for them is whether to invest in their on-premise data center or rely on colocation services and rent space inside an existing data center to house their physical servers and network infrastructure. As Global Market Insights noted, “Colocation data centers are highly preferred by several businesses, regardless of their size, that have limited budget and specific data storage requirements.” Let’s see why?

Cost-effective solution

The cost of managing an in-house data center and IT infrastructure can be higher than the cost of renting space at a colocation center, especially those that cannot afford it. Investing in colocation means that companies can have a very predictable operational expense model that replaces CapEx with operating expenditure (OpEx). Nor to omit that they can also scale up quickly at any time without the need for extensive planning – given that just the plan for expanding a private server room takes months to be completed.

Security & 24/7/365 support

The majority of colocation facilities – just like Lamda Hellix - offer multiple layers of security. This includes physical and network security to protect against breaches and intruders. Authorized access, video surveillance, and on-site personnel are all standard and designed to keep the company’s data safe. Adding to that, the fact that the professional IT support staff is alert to monitor the data center 24/7 so as to handle troubleshooting and network security issues, as well as preventatively addressing what could become system failures or service outages, gives companies the flexibility and the time to manage better their assets.

Zero downtime

Data centers offer companies colocation services that rely on redundancy to guarantee uninterrupted power, internet connection, security, and temperature management. Power issues, server failures, or anything else that can disrupt the services a company offer to their clients is eliminated, which automatically means happy clients!

To sum up, it is clear that there are plenty of benefits for SMBs which want to accelerate their digital transformation process. Want to discover more about the possibilities of investing in a colocation data center? Contact us via this form and let our experts inform you accordingly.