It takes a long time to get a business one step forward to success. So, if your company still operates with a single ISP provider for internet connection, then you might be struggling with unstable connections, since you’re fully dependant on a single provider, risking the uninterrupted operation of your business. Given that today commerce is highly dependent on stable connections, you should start thinking about carrier-neutral data centers! Eager to learn why? Let us see what a carrier neutral data center is and what are the benefits of investing in it.

Carrier neutral data centers at a glance

Data Centers are offering both virtual and physical space to host your infrastructure, so you must ensure that your ISP will provide the necessary safety, redundancy and interconnection services. Carrier Neutral Data Centers are independent from suppliers and pre-defined connections offering the flexibility, reliability and diversity that better suits your needs.

Carrier neutral data centers - Benefits

There are many advantages about carrier-neutral data centers, but the most significant of them are:


The migration of your infrastructure can be a demanding task. Setting a new environment requires flexible options, infrastructure you’re familiar with, so that you can continue your operations seamlessly.


If a company’s IT performance is intolerable, then it surely needs carrier diversity. Having two or more carriers means that enterprises do not have to worry anymore about possible downtimes. That is because they will have several carriers to keep their server’s performance up and connect without a hitch. Remaining available and ensuring the safety of your critical data is of vital importance in today’s digital economy and you don’t wont to risk the reputation of your business.

Cost efficiency

Multiple options lead to lower costs and competitive rates. The center of attention here is that whenever a company is not happy anymore about the existing ISP, it can be changed without interrupting any operation system.


As organizations grow, flexibility becomes more and more an essential factor. Here comes the need for carrier-neutral data centers, as they provide an excellent IT infrastructure and 24/7 service support. A Neutral Data Center must provide a variety of options to address the ever-changing needs of a business in the most cost-effective way.

To sum up, carrier-neutral facilities have a clear edge over single-carrier colocation data centers. So, the best option for an organization, looking to maximize its colocation investment, remains a more reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Lamda Hellix, A Digital Realty Company, is the largest carrier-neutral colocation and interconnection provider in Greece, offering best-in-class cloud, colocation, and connectivity solutions.

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