Undoubtedly, IT infrastructure is one of the businesses' top priorities, especially in today’s highly digitized world. According to Gartner, “by 2022, 60% of enterprise IT infrastructures will focus on centers of data, rather than traditional data centers”. This makes it clear that there is a growing industry imperative to create new centers of data that reside between the core and the edge. The need to enable enterprises to exchange their data worldwide in a fast, reliable, and secure way is the transformation power force of data centers into centers of data exchange.

Data is taking us at…

Data gravity barriers is the single biggest challenge facing companies today. It adds complications to business processes and prevents companies from having the flexibility and agility needed to transform digitally. Every day, more and more enterprises face an influx of data, that grows larger. Even though opportunities with using data seem endless, everyone should think about the potential disadvantages of data gravity barriers. These disadvantages may have a significant influence on IT infrastructure, by preventing it from accommodating global workflows. This happens in order to address unique applications and participants or even more location-specific needs. That means costs and, of course, many risks to enterprise IT infrastructure design. Isn’t it the right time to get every business, one step forward?

…the center of data exchange.

It is significant for every business out there, to have the flexibility to respond rapidly to customer behavioral changes and shifting markets that drive critical demands from the business. IT performance, cost management, and security are directly affected by this flexibility when it comes to time. Thus, challenges with legacy infrastructure arise when scaling to support global workflows.

Moving toward a center of data exchange model, allows enterprises to create effective data management and that is the central aim in every modern workload, nowadays. Without peace of mind, your business can not move forward. So, stay focused on your goal. If you want to find out more about the evolution of data centers as the centers of data and the ways you can leverage the advantages deriving from this evolution, contact our team via this form.