As technology scales and data centers are meeting new standards, it is imperative that there be an instant and cost-effective response to companies’ massive storage and backup requirements. This is where the colocation comes in. Colocation is a type of service that is constantly evolving, and so does colocation market. But how is this market affected throughout 2021 and beyond? According to the official research data from Forrester's "Data Center and Colocation Market Trends" report:

- Our decisions are directly based on the importance of data, as we invent, produce and consume a large amount of data in a daily basis.

- Sustainability requires power-saving. In this case, it’s indisputable that colocation providers are strong supporters of green energy production, developing their own “green” infrastructure.

- Services and, consequently, workloads grow in parallel with the multiple consumer’ needs nowadays.

- A key advantage of colocation is the Data Center Interconnection, as remote working models are now mostly preferred.

- The consolidation of the market comes from both mergers and acquisitions, both of which are created, by top leaders, who are not afraid to take risks.

Colocation market is rapidly changing, and only leading colocation players are expected to perform the best way possible. But it goes without saying that in order to ensure consistent success and benefit, it is important to follow certain rules and finally, prevent your business from a possible disaster. First of all, it is important to design your business architecture in such a way that the weight of data is also considered. Data gravity inhibits enterprise workflow performance, raises security concerns, and increases costs, so you should adopt a data-centric architecture that inverts traffic flow to bring users, networks, and clouds to privately hosted enterprise data You must also provide both HPC infrastructure capabilities in data centers and robust management and interconnection services. Last but not least, it might be helpful if you leverage the sustainability roadmap of vendors and, as a result, maximize your benefits. Follow these rules and you will thrive!

Colocation market is evolving and thus a new reality for data centers is emerging, in which we all have to adjust to. We can be your trusted partner and support throughout the modernization of your business. Contact us via this form, if you have questions.