LAMDA HELLIX, leading provider of high-quality, carrier neutral data center services, announced its partnership with the Greek Internet Exchange run by Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) for launching and operating the Greek Internet Exchange Point GR-IX. Specifically, GRNET assigned LAMDA HELLIX with the hosting of the infrastructure used for the GR-IX operations, for 10 years.

GR-IX is the Greek Internet Exchange Point (IXP), with two redundant operating sites in Attica: One at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (EIE) in Athens and one at the LAMDA HELLIX data center in Koropi. Its goal is to facilitate the exchange of IP traffic (peering) among its members, in order to increase Internet connectivity and expand access to advanced telecommunication services to a wider audience. The two points of presence are interconnected using high-speed fiber optics, allowing the integration of services and facilitating the peering between the two points, no matter which point the members connect to; while offering geographic redundancy for members who will choose to connect to both points.

Moreover, LAMDA HELLIX can provide reliable collocation services and all cable connections required, to Service Providers who want to connect with the GR-IX.

Panagiotis Tsanakas, President of the Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET), said: "We started the GR-IX aiming to strengthen the Internet backbone in the country, to facilitate smooth traffic exchange, and to improve the quality of internet services locally. It is an investment with multiple benefits, which affects both internet users, and service and content providers, who are able to deliver faster and safer access at lower management costs. The success of the whole project required partnerships based on trust, efficiency and technological excellence."

"As long as personal and business communications evolve and frequently incorporate videos, large files, and high response / low latency applications, telecommunications providers are required to meet the growing demand for faster and seamless data exchange. The Greek Internet Exchange Point GR-IX can help TelCos and Content Providers get closer to their customers by ensuring reliability and high speed, based on the vision of the Greek Research and Technology Network team and the secure solutions provided by LAMDA HELLIX. Knowing that LAMDA HELLIX, as a carrier neutral Data Center services provider, keeps playing a significant part in enabling corporate and personal communications, is deeply rewarding indeed", said Apostolos Kakkos, CEO of LAMDA HELLIX.