Windows Virtual Desktop for SMBs

Enable a secure, remote desktop experience from anywhere

Why choose WVD on Azure?

Superior experience

WVD provides users and admins with a seamless Windows 10 and Office 365 experience. This makes it easier for remote employees to work from their location of choice without any detriments to productivity.

State-of-the-art security features

With WVD on Azure, enterprises can enjoy the additional security benefits of identity management, database security, backup, and much more. Azure is a highly secure public cloud platform and provides users with access to their virtual machines via Azure’s Active Directory authentication system.

Multisession capability

WVD on Azure allows customers to run multiple sessions on a Windows 10 virtual machine. Each session is isolated from the next, thus ensuring privacy and security. This reduces cost since multiple users can access the same VM, thus removing the need for organizations to maintain multiple VM licenses.


WVD delivers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to teams, irrespective of location or device, allowing them to work anytime, anywhere, from their preferred device. WVD seamlessly supports BYOD scenarios by allowing accessibility across several operating systems. Remote workers can use their device of choice - whether it’s Android, iOS, macOS, or Windows - to access Azure WVD.


WVD is incredibly versatile and can be used for several enterprise use cases. It can be used to provide remote workers with secure access to their desktops via Azure Active Directory. It can also be used to selectively publish legacy applications to a unique subset of users to minimize maintenance and management overheads. You can assign different compute and storage performance SKUs to various groups of users as the need arises.

Ease of Management

The latest WVD release enables enterprises to manage their resources through PowerShell or from within the Azure portal. The WVD service takes over the management of the RDS infrastructure so enterprise IT teams only need to worry about managing their virtual machines, applications, and users.

With WVD on Azure, your IT infrastructure is always on and intact, enabling employees to securely access data and workstations anytime, anywhere.

  • Colocation Services

    Resilient, modular, secure. Our data centers in Greece provide security and privacy for your data; and interconnections that help your business grow.

  • Multihome Internet Connectivity

    Enjoy ultra-reliable, high-quality Internet connectivity options supported by uplinks to multiple Internet Service Providers.

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    Our data centers can host up to ultra-high density racks (30kW) providing cooling preferably using closed containment or other cooling means such as active doors depending on customer’s requirements.