LAMDA HELLIX sponsored Layer One Conference, the key meeting point of Data Center and IT professionals in Greece. Our Directors, Alexandros Bechrakis and Giannis Noulis, had the opportunity to contribute their view on the future trends of the data center industry.

Layer One Conference helps Data Center and IT professionals plan, implement and manage their existing and future requirements. The content includes panel discussions, case studies and presentations on the latest industry trends and developments that are changing the nature of IT infrastructure strategy as we know it, and the most cutting-edge technologies available today.

Both Mr. Bechrakis and Mr. Noulis were able to point out the importance of data centers for the existence and the expansion of today’s companies. The risks and hazards that an entrepreneur can avoid if he trusts qualified professionals for building and operating his data center infrastructure. It was also highlighted that due to the increased penetration of technology in everyday life, and the anticipation to grow more, the need for high traffic, availability and security of transactions can only be reassured through the certified environment of a data center.