Take a look at what leading researchers and experts say about top emerging trends in the data center industryWe have identified specific points to underline and discuss with you. 


1: Number of data centers set to peak in 2017 

According to a research by IDC*, the number of data centers is expected to peak at 8,6 million in 2017 and then set for a decline from 2018 onwards. This is due to the fact that organizations are quickly shifting from on-premise facilities to colocation solutions and hyperscale data centers raby service providers. The cloud is also a big game changer causing major changes in the industry 


2: Growing data center space 

Here comes the big contradiction. It is the shift we just mentioned, making the total number of data center space to grow, reaching an estimate of 1,94 billion square feet in 2018. It appears this number is significantly increased when compared to 2013 (up to 1,58 million square feet). Of course, this estimation from IDC refers to data center spaces with the exception of on-premise server rooms.  


3: Flexibility is the main driver 

Corporations now race to innovate with elements such as competitive products, business models, marketing initiatives. To that, they need a flexible environment which will allow them to keep up with changes, market developments, and the growing competition. According to IDC, most organizations, particularly in the low end, will no longer manage their infrastructure. Instead, they will use service providers both for dedicated and for shared offerings.     


4: Jobs and teams evolve  

This new environment is expected to have a strong impact in the job market as well. In a recent report, Ovum, predicts that companies will invest in talented teams of both data scientists and data engineers. This efficient combination will ensure that effective models will be properly deployed with the right data. However, they make it clear that except the Forbes Global 2000companies are not likely to heavily recruit similar specialists’ teams, at least in the short term 

Ιt makes sense that the majority of organizations today and in the future will rely on packaged analytics from tools and applicationsIn other words, it appears that they will not need to employ a data scientist.  

On the other hand, the IT world will need to bring in more IoT architects, as the market around the Internet of Things continuous to grow heavily.  


5: Premium, neutral, zero-outage data centers  

Wondering which trend will secure the digital future of organizationsA premium colocation facility with ultra-reliable and flexible infrastructure that ensures great efficiencies.  

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*Find out more about the research paper by IDC.