It is no doubt that hyperscalers (hyperscale cloud services providers) are already having a significant impact on the market, offering public cloud based services with enhanced flexibility. It turns out that this will not be at the expense of colocation facilities, as IDC claims, in its recently updated research publication: “Worldwide Datacenter Census and Construction 2014-2018 Forecast: Aging Enterprise Datacenters and the Accelerating Service Provider Buildout”.  


According to the same research, from 2017 onwards, there will be a significant reduction in enterprise server rooms, driving demand for scalable, colocation facilities with a better environment for customers to host and grow their infrastructure. 


A matter of business maturity 


Premium colocation facilities like the ones we have at Lamda Hellixoffer to companies flexible infrastructure, while ensuring greater efficiencies and economies-of-scale. It is all about creating scalable solutions that can respond to evolving market trends and future IT requirements.  


Showing signs of maturity and following the growth of hyperscalersour industry is clearly telling the world that fluctuating needs in the digital era can now be fully covered.  


After all, we are all now seeing millions of data exchanges occurring at any given moment in the world. The cost of managing tremendous amounts of data is becoming extremely heavy for independent organizations who cannot leverage economies-of-scale and cannot afford to quickly adopt all the latest technologies ensuring security, efficiency and business results.  


It is, in fact, the rapid adoption of digital technologies across all industry verticals, including the consumer sphere, set to drive the number of active data centers around the globe to an all-time high of 8.6 million facilities.  



You need to move fast!  


Internet of Things, social media, and the number of personal devices now accessing data are just a handful of factors that are pushing the demands of compute power. Is the future of your business depending on these factors 

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