Artificial Intelligence is expected to significantly improve security in the data center spectrum, simply because it goes well beyond human capabilities.  

Here is what you need to know on this side

Securing data center networks in the IoT era is certainly not an easy task. Networks can sustain leaks, trigger unprecedent breaches and cause significant problems on the data center frontier. Given the increasing amounts of attacks we are already witnessing on a global scale, it is expected that advanced data centers will soon need to increase investments in technologies in order to enjoy actual “peace of mind”.  

This is where AI comes in 

As we all know “narrow AI” applications are already present in cybersecurity strategies. However, the accelerated development of machine learning will enable AI applications to identify new types of malware and suspicious changes in traffic and technology behavior that would otherwise be missed. 

Yet, finding problems is only the tip of “the iceberg”. We strongly expect machine learning to empower AI security applications not only in spotting existing issues but also in carrying out preventative maintenance and providing problem solving activities 

Take increased temperatures for example. How fast would humans identify this case and respond? AI will do both simultaneously and even prevent it 

Or think of the need to change firewall rules in case of a suspected attack. With AI empowered virtual machines things will be completely different and configuration in a data center will be able to change with zero delay and zero downtime.  

Singularity in the data center

As machine learning is improvingthose new security tools will enable a new reality of increased workloads for all data centers. At the same time, it is exactly these tools which will open a world of opportunity even for small organizations to leverage the power of data during the new IoT era 

How is this possible?  

By using the benefits of economies of scale with advanced data center providers.   

At Lamda Hellix we are well positioned technically and well-prepared to empower all types of companies looking to acquire the benefits of an advanced data center.  

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