We have discussed colocation and its benefits before. It is a practice gaining prominence among companies looking to establish further growth and increase business effectiveness.  

To that, it goes without saying that colocation is also one of the most effective ways for all types of organizations looking to go well beyond simple and common digital transformation.

Let’s see why 

The IT world is already well aware that digital transformation starts with organizational change. In order for this change to happen, technical teams need to be fully engaged and have a thorough understanding of the business side of things.  

Ιt is the same with colocation. It requires facilitating teams to actively participate in the decision-making process. This is certainly part of an ongoing discussionwhich is also related to future growth plans for a business whose stakeholders must make assumptions, assign budgets, and plan ahead with digital solutions in mind. 

When discussing about digital transformation and colocation, business and technical teams have to decide on issues such as:  

- Buy or lease data center resources? In other words, should they build an in-house facility or choose colocation? 

- What are the specific software requirements? 

- How can local and remote engineering teams work together effectively? 

- Which technologies will provide the company with the fundamental solutions? 

- Which technologies will provide the company with significant competitive advantages comparing to the competition?

- What technologies and infrastructure is the competition using? 

Of course, this is a never-ending list of considerations, which by default makes technical and business teams merge effectively and become aware of everything involved in company operations.  

Is it possible to measure the effect of colocation? 

The answer is Yes, as it happens with everything in the digital spectrum, any company can measure the results by comparing their post-colocation activities to their pre-colocation activities. 

In terms of economics, it all comes down to the leading C-level team of the company to build specific KPIs and create a balance between investment costs and projected or actual returns. 

For every company, digital transformation has some risks. Yet, we all know it is now a “one-way street” and the returns can be absolutely amazing.   

At Lamda Hellix, we are well aware that colocation can not only boost existing business activities, it can also create a brand new world of opportunities for companies looking to embrace the digital era and establish a bright future in the global hyper-connected market.

Do not let your business fall behind in digital transformation. Contact our team to find out more about the benefits of colocation.