Protection against digital fraud and cyberattacks have become mainstream lately. Yet, physical security was and will always be - key for any data center facility.  

Assessment is where you should start from 

When thinking about physical security for a new or existing data center, managers should first need to perform a thorough risk assessment against all possible dangers. This study will be the ultimate guide on how far things will go with physical security.  

The role of the consultant 

Most companies looking to avoid mistakes on this side are choosing to work with experienced data center consultants. This is critical, as it allows them to deploy the right plan, manage their budget, and avoid important mistakes leading to breaches, and excess spending.  

There are a few basicthat data center consultants follow when discussing physical security with clients.  

Low-profile facilities 

Data center buildings have to be completely discreet, without signage. Also, it is best that its aesthetics blend with the other premises in the area. The reasons are obvious.  

Limited entry points 

It may sound simple, but often a lot of managers forget about the importance of having limited entry points to the building or to the rooms of a data center. It is clear that fewer entry points will limit dangers and will help save money and resources on top of a better monitoring of the facility. Of course, in single data center rooms, fewer entry points will also mean better temperature control.  

Permanent IT personnel and security staff 

We often see data centers staffed with contractors. Yet, this might not be the right choice in relation to security. For optimal security, data center staff need to be thoroughly checked and completely trustworthy people, with a clear background. This is certain not easy to have if contractors keep changing every now and then.  

It is the same with security staff. They need to be trained in emergency situations and totally trustworthy.  

The importance of layers 

Physical security can be intelligent and it can be expensive. However, even the most advanced systems can fail at some point. To that, different layers of security checks are recommended to ensure anyone trying to access the data floor has gone through multiple controls.  

As a general rule, people entering the data center should face at least 4 control points before reaching the most sensitive parts of the facility.  


Finding the right balance 

Do all the above sound too much and too complicated? In a way, they are.  

What managers should always keep in mind is to find the right balance between eliminating risks and controlling costs.  

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