How do you know if your business has achieved digital maturity or if you are close to achieving it? Can you tell if you are on the right path? Think of the following characteristics first.  

According to Gartner, digitization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.”  

For some companies, becoming digitally advanced may mean getting a mobile app on board. For some others, digital transformation may mean using Interconnections and an advanced colocation service for global expansion. No matter what the interpretation is, maturity comes down to one thing: Having clear objectives, knowing your pathway, executing effectively, and enjoying the ROI.  

In fact, here is how to identify if your business is digitally mature: 

Do you have a clear vision? 

Having a clear vision on digital transformation as a C-level and keeping it for yourself is not enough. Have you found ways to communicate this vision to the rest of the C-Suite effectively? Is your plan comprehensive enough, is it meeting budget requirements and is it matched with business objectives for the coming years?  

Do you have digital talent on board?  

Apart from having a strong digital leader on board, you also need to ensure that key personnel is knowledgeable enough to embrace digital transformation and leverage every opportunity that comes with it.  

If this is not the case, then perhaps your company will need to educate its people prior to investing in transformative applications.  

Employee engagement is also a strong factor to consider. Having quality staff members is important but making sure they are properly engaged is even more crucial.  

Are you ready for Big Data?  

One of the main benefits of digital transformation comes after employing solutions which empower you with big data. Are you ready for this? Do you know how to use big data to help you make important decisions?  The key is to get actionable insights instead of just going through the motions of running endless reports.  

Are you going to innovate?  

Bringing new digital solutions on board maybe useless if your business does use them to build new and more engaging products or services. To that, you need to make sure that transformation happens across all departments and activities, and that its impact has a clear value for your customers as well.   

The direct and indirect cost of investing in something which does not help you move forward with products and services can be huge.  

Are you cyber – safe? 

Getting new digital solutions on board without investing heavily in cyber security can destroy your business. In the digital landscape, threats can be everywhere and a well-defined cybersecurity plan has to proactively monitor for dangers and implement continuous improvements, as your systems will constantly need to stay ahead of the ongoing security game 

If you feel your business is not yet confident enough to proceed with effective digital transformation solutions such as Colocation and Business Continuity, you may contact our consultants via this form to help you with your project.