Technology developments and changes in employee mindset are now the main reasons IT project managers should no longer be…managers. Instead, they have to be actual leaders. Find out why


1. IT projects will fail without the right team culture

First and foremost, the project leader should work on establishing a thriving team culture among the participants of the project. People working in teams have to perform, produce, communicate and drive results through encouraged creativity and an efficient working framework. 

If things do not work this way, IT projects are almost deemed to failure, especially now that people have to keep up with rapidly changing technologies. 

Project leaders can accomplish the right culture by motivating participants and keeping them engaged with the project. 

By allowing individuals to bring ideas to the table, and actually turn these ideas into reality, things can only evolve in the right direction. 


2. Quality cannot be compromised

IT project managers are used to keeping deadlines and working within budget constraints. Yet, as the enterprise world is now facing significant challenges in critical aspects, such as security, a project leader should also act as a quality ambassador as well. 

The quality of a delivered project should always reflect on the actual business needs of course. But the process of getting there should easily get out of control if the quality is not a priority, not only in terms of functionality and operations but also in terms of security. 

To that, being a quality assurance representative is a key quality for all IT project leaders in 2019. 


3. The roadmap of a project might change multiple times

Evolving technologies and diversity in people’s skills nowadays are the most important factors now creating “fluidity” in the lifecycle of modern IT projects. 

We now see projects infused daily with new technological parameters and emerging business needs. As a result, initial plans often change, budgets are constantly under pressure, and the actual execution of a project often becomes a puzzle which changes every other week. 

IT teams are now obliged to reflect on this new reality which in turn, requires active leadership in order for the projects to be executed with actual efficiency. 

True leadership in IT projects nowadays requires the perfect combination of strategic thinking and a flexible mindset. 


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