People are the most important parameters defining the most successful digital transformation projects. To that, one thing is certain, companies should not assign this “exercise” in a single unit. They should involve literary…everyone.   

While executing a digital transformation strategy, most companies seem to follow specific patterns. Ιn fact, we often see managers delegating the process to a specific team, responsible to design, execute, and optimize the strategy on behalf of the whole organization.  

Is this efficient?  

It can be in some cases. However, it turns out that the most successful projects do not merely rely on the efforts of a single person or of a single business unit. They strongly depend on the work done by each unit in the business, maybe monitored by the C- suite members.  

Why is this necessary? Simply because digital transformation is not just about technologies 

In fact, digital transformation is more of a managerial and organizational challenge than an actual technological one. Τhe adoption of new technologies can be frustrating and the investment can turn out to be useless, if people across the organization do not identify the opportunity to learn new things, to develop skills useful for the future, and to relate with the company’s vision for the future.  

It is certainly a matter of building a culture of openness towards adopting new technologies, while working as a team with people who might be elsewhere in the world, in an effort to build a resilient, flexible and highly productive environment.  

The most promising organizations have people engaged with all digital projects, who are always willing to learn, discover, apply new practices and learn what it takes to drive further growth.  

One “clever” way to enable digital transformation may be simply to develop digitally enabled products, then adapt the organization as needed to deliver those products. As a positive outcome of this, leaders will be able to identify which team members enjoyed and engaged themselves with the project developing their skills and which ones failed to see the potential and most likely will not be able to relate with the company’s future.  

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