As climate change is causing significant disruptions everywhere in the world, it is data center operators who must now do more to protect their facilities. Let’s see how the situation is.  

Climate change has now officially become a major concern for all businesses worldwide. Of course, this includes data center operators as wellMore and more data center managers now appear to tackle climate change as a proper “threat” and plan ahead with this threat in mind.   

This makes sense. But, how does it translate in practice? 

First and foremost, data center managers are already designing more advanced power and cooling systems able to cope with the long – term consequences of climate change. For instancefacilitators often question whether water cooling systems will be adequate enough in the future as access to water may become an issue in specific areas of the world.  

Looking at more Hybrid IT solutions 

When disaster strikes for a company or a production facility, in-house data centers are in great danger. To that, more companies now invest in the so-called “hybrid IT solutions”, leveraging colocation, business continuity, and cloud services offered by advanced data centers services providers.  

This modern practice makes business operations a lot more resilient, less depended on outdated in-house facilities and a lot more flexible against potential dangers.  

Making sure the staff will always be available 

When natural disaster strikes, it is often difficult for staff to reach a facility and keep owned data centers and business operations running. Using a Business Continuity service in a different location with an advanced data center provider ensures that emergency staff will always have access to the company’s infrastructure to ensure that operations will never be compromised.  

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