Modern organizations are undergoing rapid transformation, they grow in size and as a result, several changes in their strategy take place. As the growth is inevitable, the cost of on-premises data storage increase accordingly. That’s why a lot of organizations are investing in outsourcing, choosing a Colocation data center to host their equipment. Ever wondered what Colocation is and why invest in it?

Colocation is the practice of rending space - often leased by the rack, cabinet, cage or room - and services from a Data Center services provider where organizations can establish their servers and other computer hardware. The Colocation provider grand the building and guarantees data connectivity, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security reassuring through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) the uninterrupted operation of their systems. Moreover, many Colocation providers offer managed services so as to support their customers. In the case of neutral data center providers, customers provide their servers and equipment and can choose from a variety of telecommunication providers and other vendors based on their needs and business objectives.

Relying on Colocation Data Centers gives companies greater control, flexibility as highly customizable colocation options are offered based on their needs and budget, eliminates capital expenditures of building and maintaining their own facility while they have the opportunity to focus on their business growth and benefit from economies of scale delivering high availability, redundancy, 24x7 support and high level of physical and digital security.

Lamda Hellix provides Colocation services that help companies safeguard their critical data and applications within a flexible, modular environment that delivers reliability and industry-leading performance. Our Data Centers in Greece provide security and privacy for your data, and interconnections that help your business grow further.

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