In today’s rapidly changing world, companies are prone to a wide variety of threats and challenges that can impede their ability to function. Cyber-attacks, floods, disasters and service outages can cost businesses a fortune and can strike at any time. That’s why company’s top management executives have to ensure that their business will be up and running even during adversity. How can they achieve that? Business Continuity plan is the answer!

To put it simply, Business Continuity is a company’s capability to ensure that business functions are operating properly and efficiently even if a disaster or unplanned incident occurs. Through having a Business Continuity Plan in place any enterprise, public sector organization can deal with difficult situations - such as natural disasters, fires, disease outbreaks, strikes cyberattacks, and other external threats – ensuring that the full function will be re-established as quickly and smoothly as possible!

In general, Business Continuity plan is about building and improving resilience in any business; is a plan led by information technology which is conceived in advance and gives you a solid framework to lean on in times of crisis providing stability and security. It is part of the business risk management strategy so as to prevent and recover from any potential threat making sure that personnel and assets are protected and able to function quickly.

Lamda Hellix provides solid Business Continuity services, guaranteed working space and computing equipment, which, in case of disaster, will allow your business to continue its operations while minimizing the risk of revenue and reputation loss. Our Business Continuity areas are located within our Data Centers campus and they are supported by the infrastructure of the same reliability and security as our Colocation facilities.

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