Lamda Hellix has received a “Golden” award for the energy efficiency strategy of its Data Centers, during Energy Mastering Awards.

Lamda Hellix, as the only company worldwide that has received the LEED v4 Gold O+M certification for the operation and maintenance of data centers, remains loyal to its commitment to “green” operation of its data centers by implementing specific strategies. Lamda Hellix proves in action that the efficient operation begins with proper management and preventive maintenance of infrastructure.

Energy Mastering Awards is the most recognized awards institution in Greece focusing and rewarding best practices in management of businesses, organizations, agencies and service providers. The awards, also, recognize the significant contribution of effective facility management to the sustainability and competitiveness of enterprises, as well as to the national economy.

Dimitris Kantaros, VP Data Center Operations of Lamda Hellix, stated: “The rapid increase in global demand for Internet services in recent years has led to a corresponding increase in demand for data center services, resulting in a disproportionate increase in energy consumption. At Lamda Hellix, as the largest neutral data center service provider in SE Europe, we are fully aware of our responsibility and for that, we are consistently taking measures to improve the energy efficiency of our infrastructure. That’s why we have invested in experts and state-of-the-art tools, which enables us to continuously improve the efficiency of our infrastructure while reducing our energy footprint. We apply those energy efficiency improvement practices to our Data Centers as well as a Service managing third party Data Centers. This award is tangible proof of our efforts to provide our customers with advanced, cost-effective and seamless data center services, with a sense of responsibility towards the environment”.